Sali Bhena Nepali Ho^t Short Movie

A short movie ‘Sali Bhena’ has been uploaded on YouTube which is related to the saying ‘Sali aadha ghar wali’.  In the short movie a couple are having a very hard time after the e@r^thqu@ke as their house got de$troyed and their child also d!*ed. So, the wife’s sister comes home to help them out. She works in the house and does all the chores because her sister is sick.

But with time the husband starts to get attracted towards her. He starts to imagine being with her and other $e*xu@l things. The girls to teases him and they start to talk more. One day man gets very excited and he suddenly starts to touch her. That day he does not do anything but on the same night he goes to her bed and starts to act very $e*xu@l.Later, he takes her outside and starts to hu*g her. But as they go out the wife sees them which breaks her heart. The next day she decides to leave the house after seeing all those things. But what happens next is very surprising. Watch the video to know what happens.