Jungle Romance Nepali Short Movie

A new ho**t rom@nce short movie “Jungle Romance” have been uploaded in official YouTube channel of Action Films. This short movie is ho**t and se**xy and at the same time very funny and ep!c. All over the movie is very h!ll@r!ou$ and $en$u@l.

A couple is having a date. They are making a flirt with each other. They are having a relax and quality time wit each other. They are making a good pairing with lots of love and care for each other. They are acting like a little children and running here and there.While the are playing, they gets too much !nt!m@ted, so they decided to go in a jungle.

The go to jungle and have a phy$!cal contact with mutual understanding. Both enjoys and have a good time. After finishing their phy$!c@l contact, guy gets curious and makes a question to a girl. But, the answer of a girl was too h!ll@r!ou$ and ep!c, which makes the guy stun and silence.

Dhoka Nepali Short Movie

“Dhoka” is a short Nepali movie based on reality of our society people. This movie may be the story lots of family who are going through shattered dream of happy family.This movie is portraying the somehow story of our society with a fictional family drama. A housewife, who already have a daughter and got numerous responsibility towards family have de$troy her whole family. A small girl, who needed a warm love of her mother and father is living her life as a abandoned child. Her father , who have gone to abroad just for the shake of his family is not well known about the fact of his wife.

He is sending all his income of sweat and blood to his wife thinking that she is taking care of her family and daughter. But, the reality is vast different from his thoughts. She is having an affair with random guy. She is even making a phy$!c@l relation with him, with which she have symptoms of pregnancy. She have run away with that guy by leaving her daughter alone in the house.But,next day, her husband arrives at a home and founds that his wife have already left the home and daughter alone for some guy.

The story of this movie will give a tear to your eyes. This is the reality of our society, who are facing many problem from this kind of issue. Lots of children are being abandoned and many family have been broken into pieces.

Battho Manchhe 20 Nepali Short Movie

A comedy short movie  Battho Manchee 20 have been uploaded in YouTube channel. It is a comic movie with a funny tale of a girlfriend and a boyfriend. The story begins with a quarrel of a boyfriend and girlfriend just for a chocolate. Girl gets angry and she goes to home, boy too gets angry and didn’t care her. They lived in same house.

Both of them realized the love after they got back to home and the girl goes to the room of the boy and pursue him and the boy too gets happy and she called him the next day because her parents were about to go out and she threw the coin so that the boy could understand that she is free. Than the boy searched the coin that she threw but the comedy thing was the girl was so greedy that she threw the coin tying on a ro*pe so that she could get it back.

DANDI BIYO Nepali Short Movie

Dandi Biyo is  a national game of Nepal. Two sticks and a hole is an important part of this game.One stick is kept on the ground and another be will thrown as far as possible by player and opponent player will be on line to catch it out. The one who will catch it will be the winner and can play the game where if the stick is caught that player will be out.

This interesting game have been filmed in a short movie with a fictional drama. A group of people are playing the game in this short movie. There are two girls and two boys on this game. They all are concertinaing on their game with great interest. Agirl at her turn lost one stick called biyo. The game got paused for some time. Because the game will be incomplete without Dandi and Biyo.

The girl who lost that according to the rule should search herself. So she went to search that wood and as she was searching one man goes to nearby. Than he asked her to come nearby and they started the rom@nce there in public.

Nepali Short Movie Machamuni

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 20,2016

A ho%%t rom@nce of priest and a housewife have been presented by Coolen TV this time. A priest have come in a house for worship. He is making a canting and all rituals. After certain time, he calls a wife of a man with his code language, which is not understand by the husband of a wife.

Priest asks him to offer some money for God and he will come after offering all the things to the God and dem!$e person.Man says okey but silently his wife also goes to priest. They in a rush starts to have phy$!c@l relation. They deceived the man and enjoy their ho**t romance. They even don’t let a chance to doubt on him. Quickly, they finishes the thing and go back.

Priest come back and says that he was tangled with some problem. Man believes on him and again starts their worshiping and ritual. Thus, it is huge deceived to a man by his wife and a priest.

The De@th Nepali Ho*rror Short Movie

“The De@th” is the hor*ror movie presented by NK TV . Couples are in deep in love with each other in this movie. Boy was the student of forestry so in terms of practical, he needS to visit the forest, so that he could research about the forest there. girl asks him to take her with him but he deni!es at first because the forest is too much and  d@n*gerou$. Still, girl forced him to take her with him. Then,they both went to the forest, he snaps the picture of the herbs, trees and the girl also ask him to snap her pics.

He did and they were so tired walking over the dense forest and they thought to take rest somewhere and they were just sitting the sound with deadly voice came there. The sound was like the sound of the gho*st and they thought it’s not safe to stay there and they gets out of the forest sees a bike of a friend and they went to the home and they did party on the boy’s house.

The friends gather and had a party with lots of jokes and it was so late so all went to their home and the boy was lying on the bed he opened TV there came s scene where the boy was going to do suicide for the girl and the girl was his girlfriend. He got sho*cked but certainly a ghost came and killed him there in his own movie.