New Nepali Movie “Kina Maya Layacchu”

Kina Maya Layacchu is a romantic movie and it is the Presentation of Paatibhareswori Movies Pvt. Ltd . The Director of the movie is Kishor Subba.

The starcasts of the movie are Sanjita Luitel and Nawal Khadka

As we know that Nepali actress Sanchita Luitel is considered one of the talented and beautiful actresses in Nepali film industry. Sanchita was born on Baisakh of 2040 B.S in Kathmandu. She started her acting career when she became 18-years-old. She is amazing beauty with bright big eyes. Some of the best films of Sanchita Luitel are Aama, Unko Samjhana, Bhagya Bidhata, Prem Yuddha etc.

Actor Nawal Khadka is featuring lots of movie like Gunyo Choli, Maya Basecha  Desdrohi, Timrai Lagi etc. He is one of the sweetest actors in the Nepali film industry.

Kishor Subba is one of the talented director in the Nepali Film Industry and has directed lots of movie like Crossfire, Khukuri, Mukti Etc. and now he is the director of another movie Kina Maya Layacchu.

My Review

While talking about this movie, Kina Maya Layacchu is Most Romantic movie. In this movie, Sanjita and Nawal both felt in love each other but at the end Nawal is died. As sanjita Luitel is married with Nikhil Uprety in real life and there is lots of complicated news about their love affairs but in this movie, Sanjita luitel is unable to marry with Nawal Kadka because the hero is died at last seen. So, at last the story turned to the sad ending. To know more about this movie, you must watch and comment it.