PASHCHATAAP New Nepali Short Movie

”PASHCHATAAP” is a new short movie with a social message. This short movie is to realize people of our society that the earth  is round, that means what you give will come around back to you, so think before your treat.A beggar who every time used to beg on the road and ask for something so that he could run his daily life. Many people came there and gave him sympathy as well as whatever they could give. He had so innocent face and he was kinds with all but his fate made him a beggar. He had no any option rather than begging and running his daily life.

One girl who looked rich and fulfilled came there and saw him begging there. Many people gave him something but that girl sees him and gave a bad look and she treated him wrong as well as he ignored him giving him some bad speech. As she was walking after some distance she gets hit by the stone and problem came on her leg but that same beggar helped him and she felt regret for behaving wrong with him.

Batti Balera New Nepali Short Movie

Batti Balera is a short movie about a innocent boy. The boy was so innocent that anyone can fool him anywhere. He was firstly walking and there he met one man who asked him to wok with him and that clever man showed him the good parts about the work and with the expectation he agreed to do that work. And he went to him, he was a married man but he was so innocent that he never touched his wife though he slept in the same bed.

He was so shy to do anything with her. His father wanted his son to be clever and he wanted his son to be close with his wife. He every time suggest his son to do something with his wife but he was so !nnocent that he never understood what actually his father wanted him to do. Father was tired telling him to do the things with his wife and he himself asked him to do showing the demo, like he is having rom@nce with his daughter in law so that his son could understand and do the same thing but his son was so fool that he called his friend to do same thing as his father did.

Toilet Vitra Ko Masti New Nepali Short Movie

Toiet Bhitra ko Masti new short movie has been uploaded on YouTube. It is a very h!l@rious and hot short movie. In the short movie 2 girls and 2 guys are playing a singing game. They are having a lot of fun. They are singing and competing. But later a girl stands up and goes inside the bath room. A guy also follows her.

The girl takes a lot of time in the bath room. But the guy on the other hands waits outside desperately because he needs to go to the toilet too. After a few minutes the girl comes out of the bathroom and the guy instantly gets di$tracted. Instead of going to the bathroom, he starts to talk to her. The talking later changes in fl!rting and they end up going to the bathroom together. Not only that they end up having inte*rcour$e. But the other girl also goes to the bathroom and looks at every thing they do from the outside.

First & Last Night Nepali Comedy Film

Namaste Nepal Reports, Kathmandu May 18,2016

A new comedy short movie has just been uploaded in YouTube channel by official site of Ur StyleTV. This time Ur StyleTV team have present a comedy story of a just married couple and their first night story. As the first night is very crucial part of every married life is important, this newly married couple are expecting a lot from this night. Especially, a guy is waiting to his just married wife with lots of hunger and eager.

Wife enters in a room and offer a glass of alcohol for husband. Husband gets sho%%cked with the offer of alcohol instead of milk. He eagerly asks his wife, why an alcohol rather than milk. She smiles and replies him that it is the beat way to celebrate their first night. Husband also thinks so and again listen to his wife. His wife reminds of something that he have been informed by his one of the friend. So, he acts as his friend’s suggestion that how many past is in the life of his wife. She brings an envelope towards him and says that the number of rice grain in that envelope is the number of her past boyfriend. He counts and founds that there were seven ex boyfriend in her life. But he gets in dilemma with the 100 rupees note in that envelope. She clears his dilemma that the note is the money worth by selling rice grains collected as her ex boyfriend number.

The whole story of this first night of newly married couple have been presented in a very entertaining manner. It is worth watching for your spare time.