New PM issues 4-point instruction while assuming office


Newly appointed Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal on Thursday assumed office and issued a four-point directive to concerned ministries and government bodies.

According to spokesperson at the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers, Binod Bahadur Kunwar, Dahal directed the concerned bodies to launch a campaign entitled ‘The government for the poor’ to run various programmers related to income generation, health, education, insurance, employment and self-employment and food security among others, targeting to poor families identified by the government.

Likewise, the Prime Minister directed the concerned to provide the first installment of reconstruction grant to the 2015 earthquake surviving families within next 1.5 months, according to Kunwar. In the third point of his directive, Dahal told the bodies concerned to send doctors to various primary health centers, where doctors have not yet deployed, within three months and run own medicine stores in all government hospitals within a year.

Dahal, finally, urged the concerned bodies to provide Rs 1,000 to each family of Dalit community and Karnali region who would register birth within the time stipulated frame for encouragement.




Sources: Himalayan Times