An Unusual Superm@ssive black hole detected in galaxy NGC 1600

The centers of large galaxies located in populous galaxy clusters are usually where superm@ssive black holes are normally found. Generally, they take up 0.2 percent of a galaxy’s mass but the galaxy NGC 1600 seems to be taking 2.1 percent of its host’s mass. Even then, according to researchers, those giant black holes discovered in average-sized galaxies may not be as rare as believed once.

A new black hole has been detected inside the galaxy NGC 1600. This newly found superm@ssive black hole is seen very different and strange than others usually found. The reason behind its oddity is it’s unusually m@ssive size found in at the center of a decent-sized galaxy. This makes it very distinctive.

Not only this, there are other things that contribute to being this a most peculiar black hole is that it has a mass equivalent to 17 billion suns which is ten times more m@ssive than what was really thought making it the most m@ssive of all the known superm@ssive black holes.

As said by study lead author Jens Thomas of the Max Planck-Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, “It appears from our findings that this relation does not work so well with extremely m@ssive black holes. These mon$ter black holes account for a much larger fraction of the host galaxy’s mass than the previous correlations would suggest.”