Live video feature on Facebook gets more appealing now

Facebook is a widely used social network site. People almost all over the world use Facebook. Facebook which was only about posting pictures and commenting before has now grown into a more developed social network.

Facebook is now rearranging its notification buttons on its mobile app in order to broaden users who create, watch and react to live video. As people these days use their smartphones to record and share their little part of lives on Facebook, the shift has come up with this idea. This means that live video feature is going to turn into a more attractive form on Facebook.

The button for its messenger service is going to get moved so that the new video option can be made available on the top notification panel. When the new video option button is touched, it will show live streams from friends along with segments found on the world’s largest social network. Notifications for messenger will get moved to the top of Facebook’s mobile apps near the search box.

Also, the reactions such as “haha”, “wow’, “love”, “sad” emotions are going to get pictured on live video as a way of expressing button. Those are the same options that are added just like the “like” button for photos and posts.

It has been found that around 1.6 billion users watch about 100 million hours of video in a day which are mostly not live. Therefore, the company is now making an attempt to push live video to the foremost of how people share their important part of lives and everything they find interesting.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook said in a live video, “we think of this as the power to broadcast from a smartphone to anyone in the world. It’s like having a TV camera in your pocket all the time.”