Things that are more important than love in a relationship

Consequently, there comes a times together when you won’t be capable of loving your partner with all your heart and soul. But,importance of the following things, will stop from leaving at that time. This below given things are will help you face the hard times together, and end up holding more significance than love:

1. Trust
If you still felt like you could completely trust them, even after being together long enough, then this relationship is not for you.Trust is the most essential component of a successful relationship rather than love to your partner to the extent that every time they’re not around, you feel like you can’t even breathe. In absence of trust, you will up feeling constantly worried and hurt.

2. Respect
Sometimes you tend to become less and less aware of your own self-worth when you’re in a relationship, when you get so blinded by the love you feel, and when all rational thoughts just seem to vanish away.True love extremely demands for respect which is why love can never be a justification for the disrespect or abu$e that your partner puts you through.

It shouldn’t be with your partner no matter how much you love them, if you can’t feel safe when you’re with them.Your love for them will definitely make it harder for you to leave but it will never make an abu$!ve partner stop from whatever they’re inflicting upon you.

Love won’t definitely save you from the fear you’re constantly in, it won’t help you avoid !nju^ry, and it definitely will never be worth your life.

4. Happiness
You can’t actually be happy all the time. There will be f!ght$, there will be arguments, and there will be times when you won’t even feel like talking to each other.But what you have to be careful about is to keep a check on the fact that all your happy times together always outnumber the sad times. If this isn’t the case, then you’re just dragging a relationship that isn’t even capable of satisfying you.

5. Liking your partner
So many of us end up being in relationships with people we don’t really like just because we love them. You don’t like them because of the fact that they never really got you, because the views and opinions you have never seem to match with theirs, or maybe because you can’t really have fun with them or because of the fact that they don’t have the power to make you smile randomly.

Whatever the reason might be, it’s extremely unhealthy to stay in a relationship with someone you don’t like.

6. Your individuality
Your individuality, the things that made you who you are today, and those aspects of your personality that make you stand out should never be forgotten just because you’re in a relationship. There was always a “You”, before becoming a “We”. So, no amount of love in the world is worth losing who you truly are. Pursue your own interests, don’t lose sight of the goals you had in life and watch how this individuality makes your partner fall even more in love with you.

7. Independence
You and your partner need to be secure and confident enough to let each other live your own lives, live your own freedom. However,you can still take their advice or ask for their opinion in the important decisions of your life but the ultimate decision taker should always be you.

8. Partnership
You should feel like you both are a team in your relation.Finding a person who we can truly call our partner in crime in relation is the most satisfying thing in the world. There should be equality, there should be friendship, and there should be constant co-operation and if you feel like these things are missing from your relationship, it can possibly make you resentful and unhappy.

9. Int!m@cy
So, this !nt!m@cy point doesn’t refers that you can’t have a successful relationship if you’ve been having little or no $e**x at all when that’s what you both actually want.But if one of you feels like!nt!m@cy is a really important part of the relationship and the other one just isn’t on the same !nt!m@te page as you, then you will face some unhappy times. You can try to build some $e#xu@l compatibility but if you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re still unsatisfied, then it won’t matter how much love you have for your partner.You won’t be able to live like this and $e#x will come up as an issue in your relationship time and again.

10. Communication
Communication is needed in relationship to define boundaries. It is to express love,needs and expectations.It is needed to fix any problems comes around in relation. And it is even needed to have a good $e#x life. If you’re with a person who just can’t truly communicate with, then no amount of love will be able to save your relationship from failing.

11. Desire to be together
It’s possible for us to be in love with someone and still not want to be with them, either for now or for all the times to come. This might be happening because you have different goals, you feel like you’re not ready for this commitment, or you just feel like you’re not emotionally stable. Timing plays a crucial role in this aspect. It’s important for you to actually want to be in a relationship at the exact time you fall in love with someone.

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