Things that hurt for girl from her partner


  • Lying.
    Lying is one of the big problem for girl which hurt badly. It creates Misunderstanding between them and can be the big issue for girl that they never trust partner if they lie with his girl. Little white lies can add up and ruin a relationship that should be built on honesty. There is wiggle room, of course: “Sweetie, that homemade dinner tasted great…”
  • Lacking self-confidence.
    Not feeling confident in a relationship can really do some damage: Low self-esteem is sometimes linked to low sex drive, which could make things less heated in the bedroom. Getting active, setting goals, and even smiling can improve self-confidence.
  • Constantly comparing.
    Forget the ex and stop comparing a current partner with a person from the past. This could lead to unrealistic expectation.
  • Letting go.
    Sometimes when partners feel too secure with each other, they end up putting on a few pounds,, possibly because they’re less physically active  . Try to being a power couple.  to stay both happy and healthy.
  • Timing discussions badly.
    Conversations about important issues, like relationship expectations and financial blunders, all have their time and place. Don’t bring up serious topics when someone’s stressed, like at the end of the workday or right before hosting a party. Set up a time to talk when both people are relaxed.
  • Forgetting to forgive.
    People make mistakes, and holding in a grudges may not only hurt a relationship—it could also cause unwanted stress and anxiety. Sympathy may be easier to give if we realize it will benefit our health .
  • Not being honest or not respecting for you
    Don’t just be honest with a companion. Stay real about what you need in order to stay satisfied. Is a long distance relationship really worth the work? Is it okay that they’re working all the time?
  • Trying to give important to others
    If your boyfriend just only give important to others people it hurts because every girl expect from their boyfriend to take seriously of their relationship.
  • Maximum time involve in others activity
    Every girl want their boyfriend to give little time care of them. If they involve most of the time to other activity they feel that they neglecting from boyfriend. They don’t need almost time to being with together but they deserve to feel happy being with boyfriend.

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