Tips To Be Happy

Practice Gratitude


Learn to say Thank You. It might be simple and regular word but has a great impact on others. Try to appreciate others effort.


Best way to reduce stress is to medidate. Find a couple of hour a medidate. It relaxes your mind and body.
Plan a Trip,Spend More Time With Friends/Family


Dont stay at home alone and over think instead go out with friends or families. It decreases your negative thoughts.
Practice Smiling


Learn to smile often even at strangers. when you smile often you cultivate the habit of smiling you tend to be happy.
Help Others


This the best way to feel good about yourself, when you help others you feel more happy.
Sleep More because You’ll Be Less Sensitive to Negative Emotions


When ever you find yourself trapped with negative thoughts just go to your bed and sleep. It certainly reduces stress and relaxes your mind.


Cultivate the habit of doing exercise for an hour at least. It keeps you fit mentally as well as physically.

Be Busy, but Not Rushed


Be busy with works to avoid negativeness but dont over do it.
Turn up the tunes.

Listen to good music and chill.

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