Nepal is one of our favorite destinations. It is a beautiful country with full of natural resources. Nepal is rich in art, cultural and other many more mystique. From the cultural climes of Kathmandu to the epic mountain scopes of the Gokyo region, the people, traditions and history of this place will totally blow your mind. It totally blows our mind, anyway. The home of the highest mountain in the world and a civilization known for living in the harsh conditions of the Himalayas, Nepal has much to offer the photographic traveler.

  1. The sign to Everest Base Camp – an exciting find (and useful directions) for any would-be ascended. It is very Peace Place to visit and it feels proud after you reach there.12. The Nepalese mountains cape has never looked better. How green is the green? How blue is the blue? 23. Yak+ mountains + golden hour = photo wizardry. This one is no exception.


4.  Flags, mountains, blue skies – it was never not going to be a good photograph, was it?4

5. Birds of a feather flock together, and the birds of Nepal look pretty cool.

56. This stone house has been photographed heaps, but this is probably one of the best shots of it we’ve found. Perfect weather, perfect composition, and perfect photo.

67. The terrace farms of Nagarkot are pretty special. This photo does a rather splendid job of showing why.

78. This shot of a shepherd’s camp offers an amazing glimpse into life among the mountains.

89. Certainly rising early to capture the peaks as the sun hits them before the valleys are worth the effort and also suggest bringing along a graduated neutral density filter to help balance exposure.


10. In Kathmandu, there are various religious temple which attract lots of tourists to visit this beauty.


Come and Explore Nepal on one of our Geckos itineraries. Whether you’re after trekking, culture or some spiritual enlightenment. You Can get Peace after visiting the Nepal’s Beauty.



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