Types Of Girlfriends  Men date –Which One is Yours


Dating is seriously fun, some time you meet a 100 scorer girl and sometimes it is all about melodrama. All girls are not same and hence have different character traits.

So let’s go through some of the similar traits and figure out in which group does your girlfriend belong to???

Miss Stylish


Here comes a girl who is pretty and extraordinarily stylish. She makes heart beat faster every time you see her. She loves only one thing in world that that is SHOPPING. She is always in mission to complete her collection. Since she has a good sense of fashion she always manages to look amazing and she is sure your pride. She is kind of girls who wears make up, stylish outfit, high heels and always perfect hairstyle. She sure makes your friends envy you because of her charm.

Miss Innocent


Well she is girl who is very sweet and innocent. She believes in everyone and lives in the state of dream. She is such a sweetheart that your parents will love her. She is very cute and listens to your problem. She is usually positive person but after a period of time she starts to become too boring and you might want to shift to more matured person.


Miss Possessive


She is type of person who wants to spend every second with you. She is usually loving and caring person when she is around. She can call you every minute and say I Love You. If you don’t co-operate with her, she will win you with her tears. Her main agenda is that YOU should stay away from female. She makes you feel wanted and tries to get to know your friends too but for wrong reason.

Miss Ambitious


She is person who works really hard and can’t accept failure. She is indeed attractive and smart but she puts her carrier ahead of you. She is very clever and you may like spending time with her. Her talent may drive you crazy. But she is really hard to understand as she doesn’t open up much about her personal interest. She has very high expectation regarding your professional which sometimes gets over the line.

Miss Motherly


In this girl you will get a girlfriend who has qualities like your mother.  She is sweet, nice and is aware of your necessities. She can help you make decision and is always there to support. She is also boring person to you because she can’t meet up to your expectation.

Miss Nerdy


She is a complete book warm. She loves reading more than anything. She is loyal and you can easily woo her with your romantic gestures. She is a great person to chitchat. She doesn’t focus much on her looks though. She is decent and well mannered. She has high dreams so to achieve that she works really hard. You might get attracted to her because she has great sense of vision.

 Miss Playgirl


She is extremely pretty and has great sense of humor. She always knows right move. She will make you feel special and will admire you. She has many friends especially male. She is bubbly and fun. You like spending time with her. But she is never satisfied with you and has many other male bonding. She can easily break your heart into thousand pieces and doesn’t even care. She always wants best man in her life.

 Miss Adventure


Here comes a girl who is a great friend and loves doing all those sporty activities. She does not care about how she looks. She loves everything you love. She has more male friends than female friends. She loves going fishing, camping, hiking and so on. Your friends think she is the coolest person on Earth. She is such a fun person that you will love her but eventually you might want to get a girl who is more feminine.

Miss Drama Queen

Untitled-1These types of girl are too hard to handle. Today she might be perfect person to you but the very next day is total disaster. She is sweet one day and next day she is bitter as hell. She manages to look good and is fun person to be with if she is in right mood. Sooner or later you can’t handle drama and want to get rid of her.

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