Valentine’s day:Expectation vs Reality

Every year, you build up Valentine’s Day in your head like it’s going to be this beyond romantic day filled with moments that could literally be their own movie. And then every year, you’re sorely disappointed. And yet, no matter how many times you’re bitterly underwhelmed by the reality of Valentine’s Day, you still think this year is going to be the year.

The big date
Expectation: A nice, romantic night by candlelight.

Reality: All the restaurants are booked so you’re stuck at home.


Special Valentine’s flowers

Expectation: Flower delivery for your significant other at work.

Reality: He acts like  a jerk.


You’re going to look so damn hot

Expectation: You’ll have extra time before the date to pick out your best outfit and make yourself look more awesome than usual.


Reality: You cant find anything to wear and end up looking like a shit.

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You’re going to be SO in love

Expectation: To feel more in love than ever at the end of the night.

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Reality: You basically feel, more or less, the exact same.

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Expectation: You’re going to be drowning in the most luxurious chocolate.


Reality:but the thought of chocolate doesnt enter your bae’s mind.


Expectation: A fancy restaurant with white tablecloths. You’ll be staring at each other over a delicious dinner, anticipating the romance afterwards.

Reality:Your date didn’t make a reservation in time, and now it’s really hard to find somewhere to eat. You end up having to go to some overpriced place with a pre fixe menu you’re not even into. The whole time you feel guilty about how expensive it is.




Expectation: Diamonds. Jewels. Rings. Necklaces. This is your day to be pampered.


Reality: Well, looks like they stopped at CVS on February 14th. A card and a teddy bear?



Love letters

Expectation: You will receive the most romantic card with paragraphs upon paragraphs explaining how much bae loves you.


Reality: Bae thought you didn’t like cards, so…




Day of love

Expectation: The whole day is just love, love, love.



Reality: You’re crying and upset because Valentine’s Day didn’t go the way you thought it would.


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