Ways to protect Heart

1. Know about your blood pressure
It is very important to know about your body blood pressure. High blood pressure makes the artery weak. 120/80 to 130/85 is not considered as high blood pressure. If you control the pressure than you will be healthy. For this you will need the exercise, free from mental problems etc.

2. Stay away from second hand smoke
The smoke that comes from others effects you the same. Staying with the people who smoke is equal to smoking 4 cigarettes per day. Smoke is one of the causes of heart disease.

3. Sleep for minimum seven hours
Sleep seven hours every night. If you work hard than you can sleep for 8 hours. If the sleep is disturbed than there will be the problem in the moments of the body and there will be the risk of diabetes. If the sleep is not sufficient than there will be the calcium stored in the artery which might contract the artery.

4. Walk for 30 minutes per day
Exercise increases the life span of people. Similarly it helps in the heart beat. So you need to walk 30 minutes per day to remain healthy.

5. Clean the teeth
The disease on saliva might cause heart attack as well so you need to care your teeth so that you can protect your heart as well.

6. Eat fish once a week
The omega-3 that is found in fish keeps the artery active. The protein found on it is very beneficial for heart which is been proved by the study.



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