Who is Lord Krishna?


Krishna is a name of the original, unique Supreme Person, the source of all that exists. God has many names, and each describes a different aspect of His personality. Allah, Vishnu, Jehovah, and God refer to His greatness and His role as creator, maintainer of the universe, and Lord of all. The name Krishna—”the all-attractive one”—indicates the unequaled charm and beauty of the Supreme Person, as He appears to His most dear devotees.uth.

Lord Shri krishna chiefly had 8 wives according to scriptures, Different scriptures differ on the names of wives, praticularly on the names of Bhadra, Madri, Rohini and Kalindi.

Why Lord krishna had more than 16000 wives?


Krishna married them all at the same auspicious time assuming that many bodies, so they could gain status of married women and live in the society with honor again. By expanding Himself in 16,108 forms, He simultaneously married them all in different palaces at the same auspicious moment. Krishna constructed them each a palace with huge gardens ful of colorful flowers, It was impossible to live with each of them so he created 16100 forms of himself so that he could treat them all in the same manner as his 8 wives. Scriptures say that each of them had 10 sons and 1 daughter.
Unbelievers become astonished to learn that Lord Krishna married more than 16,000 queens because they think of Lord Krishna as one of them and measure the potency of the Lord by their own limited potency.

Why didn’t Lord Krishna marry Sri Radha?


Sri Radha and Sri Krishna together are supreme Godhead. They are one but they have manifested themselves eternally as two for performing pastimes of love. Its very difficult to grasp this concept. Not just difficult, humanly impossible with logic or argument. It is inconceivable how one soul can manifest as two eternally, and still be one.
Divine beings like Sri Radha and Sri Krishna get divine pleasure simply by remembering each other, and longing to meet someday. They do not need any carnal pleasures from each other. They reside in each others’ heart and mind. The physical reality is of no importance to them. They live forever in the realm of spirit, of love, which is beyond space and time. It is transcendental and beyond description by a human mind.

Therefore parakiya rasa is higher than svakiya rasa. It is the highest rasa of all.

In svakiya rasa, you can easily meet your lover. You have a right to be with him/her. You are married. People respect your relationship. You can easily express your desires and fulfill them. There is no pain, suffering or sacrifice involved. There is no longing to meet. You become familiar. Very familiar. (And as they say, familiarity breeds contempt!).
Therefore the story of Sri Radhika and Sri Krishna in separation (where they remember each other as separated lovers) gives great ecstasy to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Who is the combined form of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna; an avatar of Godhead to bless humanity with divine love). And followers of Mahaprabhu like to think of the divine lovers as unmarried.

It is described in the scriptures that Lord Krishna used to cry in his sleep and call out the names of Radharani, Yashoda mai, and his gopa and gopi friends, even after he was crowned the supreme ruler of Dwarka. Even when he had 16,108 wives to love and serve Him. Because His heart was always longing for reuniting with his childhood love – Sri Radha.



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