Why People Close Their Eyes While K!$$!ng?

Many of us wonders, why people close their eyes while k!$$!ng!. So, to clear this wonder, physiologist have gone through the study and they have found the reasons as given below;

~You wouldn’t want to see what you look like while k!$$!ng, so neither would your partner.
~Your brain can’t make your tongue swirl around if your eyes are moving at the same time. It’s the same principle as trying to pat your head while using your other hand to go in circles over your belly.
~It’s weird enough to k!$$ with your eyes open, but even weirder to make moaning sounds.
~It’s bad for your eyeballs to look that close at anything.
~For females, it ruins everything if you’re fantasizing about Brad Pitt when you’re staring at something closer to Steve Buscemi.
~For males, if you’re k!$$!ng in the middle of intercourse, with your eyes closed it’s easier to imagine baseball.
~With your eyes open, your lover’s nose looks bigger than the Chrysler Building.

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