Yokebhako from bhagsanibhag


A new love song has been released in the YouTube music channel. This song belongs to the movie bhagsanibhag. The other songs of this movie have already gained a lot of popularity so this movie is also supposed to carry a very high expectation. This song features Sabin Shrestha and KekiAdhikari in a very beautiful way. Also, the melodious voice Anju Panta and Raj Sigdel has provided a justice to this beautiful song. The writer of lyrics of this song is Dayaram Pandey whereas the music composer is Chetan Sapkota. Mr. Nabal Nepal has directed this song and KabirajGautam has choreographed this song in a very nice way.

In this video, a true love is shown between the actors. The feeling when people fall madly and deeply in love with someone is portrayed in this song.Since the feeling of love is itself a very good feeling, this song also makes people fall in love with its beautiful lyrics and presentation. The film has a background of a village and the actors are seen as the resident of the same village. The video is equally beautiful. Overall this song is very lovely and is expected to fill people’s heart with love.

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