Your Nails And Hands Are Telling A Lot About Health Conditions

Your hands and nails can reveal a lot of surprising secrets about your health and highlight any $er!ou$ warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore.


Probably, you must not be knowing how much an important role your nails and hands play in your life. The health issues that you face every other day is not only because of your poor eating habits but also due to carelessness towards your body parts too.

Have a look at some signs that your nails and hands tell about your health.

1. Red or blue fingertips

This condition tells about your poor blood circulation and can be one of the symptoms of low oxygen levels in your body.

2. Nail ridges

Lines or horizontal ridges on your nails can be a sign of cancer.

3. Pale nail beds

If your nails are white or pale, this probably means you are going through an iron deficiency.

4. Clubbed fingers

This type of ending on your fingers and nails can be a signal of lung diseases and low oxygen availability in your body.

5. Sweaty palms

Overactive thyroid or stress can speed up your metabolism due to which you can face the problem of sweaty palms.

6. Discolored nails

The reason behind your discolored nails can be a fungal infection or sometimes it can also be an early symptom of diabetes.

7. Fatty knuckles

This is an early symptom of high cholesterol condition called ‘familial hypercholesterolaemia.

8. Red, blotchy palms

These type of palms can be a sign of liver disease that needs an immediate medication.

9. Fingers curling inwards

When the tendons between your fingertips thicken, it forces them to start curling inwards.

10. Trembling hands

Having too much caffeine in your daily routine can cause a lot of anxiety. It is also a sign of Parkinson’s disease that directly affects your brain and nervous system.


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